Curatorial strategy

Thanks to the experience acquired by its founder in the field, TALKART aims at becoming a key player in the curatorial strategy sector. This implies identifying and selecting contents for exhibitions or other artistic events, thinking about the articulation or, on the contrary, the historical, cultural and stylistic dissonance of the content, or, finally, scripting and staging its distribution in space.

One illustration, among many others, is the choice, in 2020, to take up the challenge of adopting a profoundly renewed positioning for Parcours Saint-Germain, which made possible not only to accommodate the pandemic, but even to take advantage of the constraints to propose a programme exclusively outdoors, and to invite artists to take over the streets and urban furnitures, at a time when all the cultural institutions had closed their doors.

All this with a particular reason to be proud: having invited two classes of the Kourtrajmé school to compose visuals around the theme of La Fête, which were then exhibited on the Morris columns in the Latin Quarter. This operation was so successful with the public, the press and partners (JC Decaux) that limited editions of the visuals on display were produced and sold at the Pixi – Marie Victoire Poliakoff gallery.