Margaux Plessy, Founder

Founder and director of TALKART agency, Margaux Plessy lives and works between Paris, London and New York. She studied history and international politics at King’s College London and Sciences Po Paris. Very quickly, through her encounter with the work of Lucio Fontana in a deserted Beaubourg and, later, her stay in a suffering Palestine, everything came together. Art and politics, politics and art: the connection was made; the tone was set. Thanks to artists, a new form of admiration emerged: that of another language. Thanks to engaged artists, everything can now converge, and a new form of desire sees light: to disturb, displace, question through creation.

No more doubts, she will be an interpreter and translator of the artists language, and therefore curatorial strategy, the first of the three pillars of TALKART agency. She was then trained at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris, before being accepted at the Courtauld Institute and Oxford University. She privileged ground experience and meeting contemporary artists. In 2019, she worked with ORLAN and, at the same time, covered the Venice Biennale as an accredited journalist. Two years later, she was in charge of the twentieth edition of the Parcours Saint-Germain and braved the pandemic by inviting more than fifty artists, both emerging and internationally renowned, to take over the streets; because it is still there that art should be, as she says. Then, she joined JR’s teams as head of special projects, starting with the Web3 strategy; not to mention her current collaboration with Lee Shulman, artistic director of The Anonymous Project, and the missions she carries out for Château La Coste, an art centre of unparalleled prestige. A whole range of experiences that heralded her agency’s second pillar: strategy development consulting. Finally, for Château La Coste, among others, she pursues her first passion: finding young emerging artists, French and international, whom she will push as much as she loves them so that they integrate new collections. Hence the third and final pillar of her multi-faceted agency: acquisition consulting. These are, in short, the expertise and the range of skills offered by TALKART agency, being at the service of artists and those who love them.